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Erin England, Student Ambassador

Hometown: Mansfield
Area of Certification and Year:
Mid-Level Math/Science; Junior

Why did you choose to attend UTA?

I chose to go to UTA because it is close to home and work. I stayed because I enjoy the atmosphere, and the campus in general.

What is your favorite thing about the College of Education at UTA?  

My favorite thing about the College of Education at UTA is the fact that there are multiple choices of specialty. Some schools only have EC-6 and Secondary, but UTA gives you more choices when deciding what age of students you want to work with.

Who is your favorite professor? Why?

My favorite professor within the college of education is Dr. Galloway. She is the Middle Level program coordinator, and classroom professor. She is always upbeat, and extremely positive. She cares about each and every one of the middle level students, and she has a desire to make sure that all of us get the training we need and deserve.

What activities do you participate in outside of class?

Outside of class I am a very busy person. I am the President of the Colligate Middle Level Association, Vice President of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society, and I am a Student Ambassador for the College of Education.

What are your plans after you graduate? 

After I graduate I plan on getting my masters degree, while working as a teacher and coach.

What is the one you thing you think a prospective Education student should know?

A Prospective Education student needs to know that they need to get good at saving money because it is extremely hard to work while student teaching, especially while full time student teaching. So start saving money now to make sure you don’t run out while student teaching.