Program Admissions Test LSAT

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a half-day standardized test required for admission to all LSAC-member schools. It provides a standard measure of acquired reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools can use as one of several factors to assess applicants. The LSAT is designed to measure skills that are considered essential for success in law school: reading and comprehension of complex texts with accuracy and insight; organization and management of information and ability to draw reasonable inferences from it; ability to think critically; and analysis and evaluation of the reasoning and argument of others.

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Test Preparation:

Visit Test Resource for practice tests.  **You must be on the campus network or use a vpn connection in order to use the Test Resource link.**


Please review the general Policies and Procedures page for more information.


Register online: using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card.

Register by phone: Call the Automated Telephone System at 215-968-1001. Complete the LSAT and LSDAS Telephone worksheet available on the LSAT bulletin before you make the call. Only Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit cards will be accepted.

Register by mail: Order online at Send the completed application form to the address listed in the bulletin.