Stipend Program Title IV-E Project

Stipend Program (Title IV-E) Project Overview

UTA SSW Stipend Program

Developing and Equipping Child Welfare Leaders

Leadership Preparation

Through the children, youth, and families course offerings, the enhancement seminars, and the practice symposium, students prepare for leadership and work in permanency planning and family preservation with children and their families in child welfare. Many of these families are experiencing many challenges and obstacles to adequate functioning, because of maltreatment, substance abuse, HIV infection, socio-economic disadvantage, and other challenges.


The ultimate purpose of the Title IV-E project is to deliver social work education to graduate and undergraduate students that will prepare them for careers in child welfare by way of delivering professional education to current CPS employees and recruiting BSW and MSSW students to work in public child welfare.

What is the Title IV-E Program?

The Title IV-E Program is a federally funded initiative to integrate the social work profession into child welfare by offering stipends to students interested in working within child protective services.  The purpose of the grant is to train professional social work practitioners for child welfare work.