The Office of New Student Courses

The Office of New Student Courses provides offers required courses students will need to take to help them be more successful in their academic careers at UTA. Whether it is your first time in college ot transferring in from another institution, we are there to support your journey!


A Learning Community (LC) is an exciting way for first-year students to merge their academic priorities with their personal and social goals. You join a LC based on your major, and will get matched with students in the same field. You will take your first year practicum course with these students, and will be mentored by a Peer Academic Leader (often in the same field as the students), who will assist as a discussion leader for the class under the supervision of the instructor. You will also be placed into a few other classes with your LC colleagues. This allows you to have a built in study group of people in your major from your first day here at UTA!

In order to ensure there is a group for everyone, we offer two options: Classic and Residential. To learn more about Residential LC options, please check out this page.

Residential LCs

If you are interested in a Residential LC, specify this option on your housing application. You do not need to fill out an additional RLC application here once you have selected this option.


  • Reserved seats in important core classes

  • Opportunity to join a Residential group, and live in one of our Residence Halls with your RLC

  • First year practicum class focused specifically on being successful in your major

  • Valuable personal experiences from the Peer Academic Leader

  • Historically LC students have been more successful in their other courses

Success Series

The Division of Student Success invites all students to join "The Success Series", a workshop series designed to improve academic performance and enhance important life skills.  Each semester, various departments within the Division will offer innovative, hands-on workshops on a variety of topics, such as time management, study skills, dealing with stress, learning styles, and more. 

Visit our Calendar of Events to view all of our up-coming seminars.  Each workshop is free and open to all students unless specifically posted otherwise.  If you have ideas for future Success Series events that are not being covered, please contact us and offer your suggestions.

Success U

Now it is time to start thinking about what your college experience will really be like.  What should you expect in your classes?  What will your faculty expect of you?  And how do you get prepared to meet those expectations?  The answers to these questions can be found at Success U, where you'll learn the secrets to achieving your goals.

Success U provides freshmen the opportunity to learn first hand from faculty and staff about the skills needed to achieve academic success in college and participate in hands-on programs that will help ease that first year anxiety.  Along with refresher courses in science and math, students will discover how to take notes from college faculty, how to study for exams, and how to earn the grades needed to succeed in your major.  

Peer Academic Leader Program

The Peer Academic Leader (PAL) Program hires over 100 student employees to work with the Learning Community Program. These students, under the guidance of the New Student Courses Office, assist as a discussion leader for the class under the supervision of the faculty from disciplines across campus in the Student Success Practicum courses. Their focus is to help give all new UTA students a strong start to your academic journey here at UTA. These students can help you with all different issues to connect you with the many academic, social, and professional resources across campus.

Maverick Resource Hotline

The Maverick Resource Hotline is a referral-based service that works to link students with the many academic, social, and professional resources across campus.  Whether you're looking for help in a class or seeking information about a policy, office, or department,  students may contact the Maverick Resource Hotline for answers.  There are several ways to access resource information.  Students can find an extensive list of office and resource contact information online through the Maverick Resources website.  If you can't find the information you need there, you can contact the hotline via email at or by phone at (817) 272-6107.

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Our Mission:

New Student Courses is committed to: 1) connecting students with programs and services on campus that promote academic success, retention, and ultimately, timely graduation and 2) serving the UTA community by promoting cooperation and coordination of programs aimed at student success.


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