Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone in our college community is important to advancing our common welfare and happiness

As members of CAPPA, we acknowledge a national history of inequity that extends to its academic institutions having denied equitable access and support to qualified students, faculty, and staff. We are committed to achieving diversity, inclusion, and equity in CAPPA through the practice of broadening faculty hiring and promotion, student recruitment, and leadership opportunities within the CAPPA community. As a multidisciplinary college, we are poised to address issues of diversity in ability, age, country of origin, faith, intersectionality, race, ethnicity, sexual and gender orientation, and socioeconomic status from varied perspectives that link the design disciplines to policy. Our vision is to create a diverse learning environment that can help us lead within an evolving society.


Kate Holliday

Director of David Dillon Center for Texas Architecture


School of Architecture

Kate Holliday

Email: kholliday@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2801

Office: 416

Taner R. Özdil, Ph.D., ASLA

Associate Professor of Landscape

Associate Director for Research for Center for Metropolitan Density

Email: tozdil@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-2801

Office: 417

Jiwon Suh

Assistant Professor of Public Affairs

Public Affairs and Planning

jiwon Suh

Email: jiwon.suh@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-3349

Office: 326

James Brown

Academic Recruiter

Coordinator III

Special Programs

James Brown

Email: james.brown2@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-5750

Office: CAPPA 203P-A

Amruta Sakalker

Graduate Student

Urban Planning and Public Policy

Adan Hernandez

Undergraduate Student