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CAPPA uniquely brings together the disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Public Administration, and Public Policy. This exciting combination provides an extraordinary context for nimble thinking, innovative making, and experimental approaches to problem solving in the service of the public good. We put intuition to work with critical analysis, combining the familiar in unfamiliar ways. Vibrantly blending a variety of frameworks and methods, embracing reason and emotion, theory and practice, academics and hands-on learning we recognize the importance of empathic and ethical approaches to designing buildings, places, infrastructure, and urban systems.

With surging global urbanization and environmental degradation, architects, planners, and policy makers are entrusted with an increasing responsibility to serve new constituencies. At CAPPA we are motivated to create more livable, healthy, friendly, and inclusive built environments and the policies that help them function. For these reasons, our studio, classroom, and research cultures are catalysts for change, expanding traditional ways of learning and making by engaging in a myriad of contemporary challenges with confidence and humility. In this way, we are committed to improving the social, environmental, and economic impact of design and policy.

Dean Adrian Parr, PhD