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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

Interior Design

It is the mission of the Program in Interior Design to prepare students for entry into the interior design profession by supporting and encouraging their roles in the service of the health, safety and welfare of building users, as well as the creation of aesthetic environments. Life-long learning and community engagement are nurtured in all students.

The location of the program in a major design center of the Southwest provides design students with a broad range of learning experiences, including internship and employment opportunities. 

Goals of the Program in Interior Design

In support of the Interior Design mission statement, the following are goals for the program:

Provide a meaningful design studio sequence including current knowledge of codes, appropriate detailing of interior materials, principles of sustainable design, and requirements for meeting the needs of diverse populations. 

Improve the internship opportunities available to our students in order to increase their knowledge of the profession and raise awareness of the program of Interior Design among professionals in this region. 

Develop interdisciplinary partnerships to increase research opportunities for interior design undergraduates and faculty. 

Increase formal instruction and student skills in oral and written communication. 

Encourage life-long learning through community engagement in which the students are able to put their interior design knowledge into practice.

About Us

Interior Design at The University of Texas at Arlington focuses on the commercial, institutional, and large-project scale activities of the profession, a focus very appropriate in the context of architecture.

The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is a four-year program (128 credit hours), interdisciplinary with architecture, on the design of interior environments. Following the two-year Basic Studies sequence, the student completes two years of Major Studies, an intensive series of courses and studios on the theory, history, skill, and practice of interior design.

The program leads to the full professional degree in Interior Design and is fully accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).


What does an Interior Designer do?
Interior Designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and customized for their users.
interior design
How does an Interior Designer differ from an Interior Decorator?
The Registered Interior Designer is a professional licensed by the State to provide interior design services. An Interior Designer performs all the services of an interior decorator, but in addition, possesses a tested knowledge of interior building issues and building systems that affect the health, safety, and welfare of the building users.

In short, "Designers can decorate but Decorators cannot design".

Why study Interior Design at The University of Texas at Arlington?
In 2016, only four universities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area offer an accredited degree program in Interior Design. UT Arlington is the only local university to offer a four year professional degree, the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, within a School of Architecture.

In the first two years of study, UT Arlington Interior Design students share a degree program that is almost identical to the architecture students. As a result, our graduates have an architectural approach to Interior Design and are valuable contributors to project teams requiring collaboration across multiple disciplines.
After completing the Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, many of our students go on to complete our Master of Architecture degree to have both professional degrees.

What can I do with a degree in Interior Design from UT Arlington?

Interior Design
•    Residential Design
•    Commercial Design
•    Hospitality Design
•    Lighting Design
•    Furniture Design
Specialty Design
•    Bath Design
•    Kitchen Design
Furniture or Interior materials sales
•    Fabric
•    Plumbing fixtures
•    Floor coverings
•    Building code
•    Accessibility
•    Sustainable Interiors

Previous Student Work

interior design

For more information about our undergraduate programs, please complete the information request form.


Major Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

All entering students majoring in Interior Design are admitted as Interior Design-Intended majors.

As Interior Design-Intended, students complete 1st and 2nd year ARCH courses in the correct sequence and also complete their core curriculum. These courses must be completed before declaring major and enrolling in any 3000/4000 level ARCH/INTD courses.

The Undergraduate Interior Design Program consists of a series of lectures and design studios that must be taken sequentially. The program will take a minimum of 8 semesters to complete for both new freshmen and transfer students.

The course sequencing of both the design and lecture courses has been designed to help students successfully complete the program. The course sequencing is strictly enforced.

After completing all requirements for admission to a degree program, students may be declared into the Interior Design major. The department requires a minimum 2.8 GPA, both overall and within the major.

Students must complete all Basic Studies courses (first two years of the degree program) in Interior Design and must complete the Core Curriculum of the course sequence before qualifying to take any 3000/4000 ARCH or INTD course.

Special permission must be obtained from the Architecture Undergraduate Advisor by students not within the program in order to enroll in a 3000/4000 level course.

Seating in classes is on a space-available basis.

Course Sequence - Interior Design

First Year

First Semester (Fall)

ARCH 1301 - Introduction to Architecture and Interior Design
ARCH 1341 - Design Communications I
ENGL 1301 - Rhetoric and Composition I
INTD 1101 - Academic Success Skills in Interior Design
MATH 1303 - Trigonometry
POLS 2312 - State & Local Government

Total Credit Hours: 16 hrs.

Second Semester (spring)

ARCH 1342 - Design Communications II
ENGL 1302 - Rhetoric & Composition II
HIST 1311 - U.S. History I
MATH 1327 - Architectural Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry
POLS 2311 - Government of the United States

Total Credit Hours: 15 hrs.

Second Year

First Semester (fall)

ARCH 2303 - History of Architecture and Design I
ARCH 2551 - Basic Design + Draw I
HIST 1312 - U.S. History II
Language, Philosophy & Culture elective - 3 hrs.
PHYS 1301 - Physics for Non-Specialists I

Total Credit Hours: 17 hrs.

Second Semester

ARCH 2304 - History of Architecture and Design II
ARCH 2552 - Basic Design + Draw II
PHYS 1302 - Physics for Non-Specialists II
Social & Behavioral Sciences elective - 3 hrs.
Literature elective - 3 hrs.

Total Credit Hours: 17 hrs.

Note: In order to declare your major in Interior Design, you must be advised by the Undergraduate Advisor prior to enrolling in any course at the 3000 level or above. You should also have completed all Basic Studies (1st & 2nd year ARCH/INTD) courses, all core hours, and have a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA overall at UTA, a 2.8 GPA within the School of Architecture. You should also have a laptop.

Third Year

Fall Semester

INTD 3305 - History of Interior Design
INTD 3321 - Interiors Materials I
INTD 3343 - Interior Design Communication III
INTD 3553 - Design Studio: Interior Design I

Total Credit Hours: 14 hrs.

Spring Semester

INTD 3322 - Interiors Materials II
INTD 3323 - Lighting
INTD 3357 - Building Information Modeling (Revit)
INTD 3555 - Design Studio: Interior Design II
Art History elective - 3 hrs.

Total Credit Hours: 17 hrs.

Note: An approved degree plan is required prior to registration for this year.

Fourth Year

Fall Semester

INTD 4332 - Professional Practice
INTD 4345 - Architectural Graphics
INTD 4368 - Interior Design and Detailing
INTD 4393-Interior Design Internship (or INTD 4395-approved adv elective)
INTD 4562-Design Studio: Interior Design III

Total Credit Hours: 17 hrs.

Spring Semester

INTD 4344 - Design Communications IV
INTD 4369 - Furniture Design and Construction
INTD 4394 - Design Research Methods and Application
INTD 4563 - Design Studio: Interior Design IV

Total Credit Hours: 14 hrs.