7th Annual Analytics Symposium

Theme: Trustworthy AI – Enabling Credibility in AI Solutions


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The UTA Center for Innovation and Digital Transformation will hold the 7th annual Business Analytics symposium on Thursday, March 23, 2023. The in-person symposium provides a forum for industry professionals and academics to exchange information and knowledge in the area of analytics and AI. This all-day event will feature tech talks and engaging panels with prominent industry experts, an exciting tech workshop, a student analytics competition and a networking happy hour. The previous symposium was attended by about 150 participants with over 40 companies from various industries represented. We expect a much larger gathering in 2023. Come to learn and to network.

Date/Time: March 23, 2023, 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM (Happy hour @ 5pm)

Theme: Trustworthy AI – Enabling Credibility in AI Solutions

Bluebonnet Ballroom, University Center
University of Texas at Arlington
300 W First St.
Arlington, TX 76010 

Registration fee:

Parking included:  1 car/attendee.
Link to register your car will be emailed to you.
The parking permit will be valid up to 12 hours from the registration time.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Happy Hour are provided

Keynote Speaker

Justin Taylor Contact Photo
Justin Taylor
Vice President, Artificial Intelligence
Corporate Engineering & Technology

“Virtuous AI for a Safer and More Secure World”

Lockheed Martin

Justin Taylor is Vice President of Artificial Intelligence for Lockheed Martin within Corporate Engineering & Technology. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading the Corporation’s development and implementation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) technology strategy, as well as leading the LM AI Center (LAIC).

Previously, Mr. Taylor was Engineering Director, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, for the Advanced Development Programs (ADP) Skunk Works® ISR portfolio. In that role, he was responsible for the weapon systems development of the ISR portfolio of platforms. He also served as the Program Manager for a corporate-level Joint All Domain Operations (JADO) program, in which he coordinated technology development and integration of multi-domain capabilities across all business areas within the Lockheed Martin Corporation, with an emphasis on accelerating the fielding of system of systems capabilities.

He previously served as Program Management Director, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, for the Skunk Works® Mission Systems Roadmaps organization. In that role, he was responsible for identifying, maturing, demonstrating, and transitioning key technology to address mission needs for all Aeronautics platforms from January 2018 to December 2020.

Throughout his career, beginning as a Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in May 2000, Mr. Taylor has led advancements in innovative technology progressing from virtual simulation experimentation, to flight experimentation, to driving the future of mission systems open architectures. He served as the Enterprise Open System Architecture (E-OSA) PM, the LM Capture Manager, PM, & Principal Investigator for DARPA Technology Research & Development (R&D) Programs, and as the Director of multiple Skunk Works® technology organizations.

Mr. Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas and is a graduate of LM’s Advanced Technology Leadership Program (ATLP), LM’s Program Management Development Program (PMDP), and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Program Management Training (PMT-4010). He serves on the University of Texas Computer Science (UTCS) Advisory Council and is an active member of the community, serving as the leader of an outdoor adventure program for boys and young men. He has also served in various leadership positions for an adult ice hockey organization since 2006, including director of hockey operations and chairman of the board of directors

At Lockheed Martin, we're rapidly applying AI / ML solutions to every aspect of our work to enable a safer and more secure world. Fundamental to this journey are trust and our unwavering commitment to include ethical considerations into the design, development, and fielding of AI-enhanced capabilities. We are excited to share our success stories that help us incrementally build trust with our customers, shine a light on how AI is adding value today and increase the utility of our platforms and capabilities across multiple use cases.

TechTalk 1

Sriram Palghat Contact Photo
Sriram Palghat
AI technology, product, and strategy executive

“Understanding autonomous vehicle AI and ensuring you can trust it“

Sriram Palghat is a technology, product, and strategy executive with more than 20 years of progressive experience in Advanced AI, Robotics, Autonomous Cars, Data  Science, cloud-scale products, and technology solutions. He is well-versed in global team management and has a proven ability to mentor and lend expertise to product and engineering teams. 

With safety as the primary goal, Sriram Palghat is working with a team of talented engineers and scientists to operate and scale fleets of one of the most sophisticated AI systems (autonomous cars) across multiple cities in the US and Europe.

Transportation is perhaps in the most exciting transformation since the introduction of the automobile.  Consider the near future when you enter a vehicle as a passenger and there is no human driver.  It’s a bit unnerving.  How can you be certain that you can trust this new technology?  What really matters?  Come engage with an expert in the autonomous vehicle stack and learn what makes autonomous software work.   How should you think about this future and the AI that will enable it?  Come learn why you can trust this exciting future.

TechTalk 2

Danny Tobey Contact Photo
Paul Hemmersbaugh​
Partner, Washington, DC​
Chair, Transportation Regulatory and Litigation


DLA Paper Logo 

Paul Hemmersbaugh is the Chair of DLA Piper's Transportation Regulatory and Litigation group. He focuses his individual practice on the automotive industry and motor vehicle regulation, litigation, and commercial advice. He advises automobile manufacturers, automotive equipment manufacturers, technology companies and start-ups, trucking companies, transportation infrastructure providers, and others on federal, state, and local regulatory issues, risks, reporting, compliance, investigations, and enforcement; government funding and incentives; risk and crisis management strategies and response; disputes and litigation; and transactions and commercial matters. Paul has extensive experience representing autonomous and electric vehicle and equipment developers, manufacturers, and suppliers in a range of matters.

Hemmersbaugh has been closely involved in auto industry regulation and policy, litigation, and business as a federal regulator; lead inhouse counsel; and private firm lawyer representing OEMs, equipment manufacturers and others. From 2017-2019, he was Chief Counsel and Policy Director for General Motors, leading the company's legal and policy efforts with respect to development, testing, and commercial deployment of autonomous, electric, and connected vehicles and new mobility services. He oversaw GM’s efforts to obtain regulatory exemptions and authorizations necessary to allow commercial deployment of passenger-carrying AVs; developed and worked for passage of federal and state AV legislation; and provided policy and legal counsel for GM's vehicle subscription and mobility services. His broad experience with GM autonomous and electric vehicle development and its Cruise AV subsidiary gives him perspective and insights into the business and legal needs, challenges, and opportunities of autonomous vehicle and equipment companies from research and development to testing and validation to commercial deployment.​

Previously, he served as Chief Counsel to NHTSA, the US automotive safety regulator, where he led the development of the first federal autonomous vehicle policy, safety regulations, and US fuel economy and emissions standards; designed and oversaw the largest recall in US history; and directed regulatory enforcement. ​

Paul has published numerous articles regarding transportation law and policy, and regulatory challenges posed by new technologies. In addition to more than 20 years working with transportation and technology industry clients as a regulatory, litigation, environmental, and commercial counselor, Paul has experience-based understanding of the U.S. federal government, having served in all three branches.​

Technological progress is changing transportation and mobility options across modes. AI and other technologies have potential to transform transportation as a service and the movement of goods and people. As applications of AI in automotive and other transportation mature and seek to deploy at scale and public acceptance and adoption, researchers and developers will need to educate and build trust among potential customers, the broader public, and government regulators. This talk will discuss the sometimes underestimated importance of those tasks to the successful commercialization and acceptance of AI in transportation.

Sharing of data, information, and analyses with policymakers, regulators, and others regarding the AI functions, design, and performance will be critical to public acceptance and to regulator education, confidence, and authorization. Industry, researchers and academia, and other experts interested in the expeditious deployment of such technologies should take a more active role in educating others about AI and its potential transportation benefits. It will also be important to offer their input to the development of reasonable safety regulations to facilitate safe use of AI for automated and autonomous vehicles and other transportation applications.




“Winning customer trust through AI”

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Alteryx Sparked Logo

Alteryx provides Data Science and Analytics Automation Platform
Workshop Title: Introduction to Alteryx Designer Using an Escape Room

It’s time for the big F1 race, there is just one tiny problem - Your race-car has been stolen! The team needs your data analytics skills to save the day and find out who stole the race-car. Participants will be creating an alteryx workflow using data and clues they find in the Virtual Escape room to eliminate suspects. Data is around car parts, garage locations, and suspect data. In this session, you will be introduced to Alteryx Designer’s top functionalities. This includes inputting, prepping, and blending data.

Knime Logo

KNIME provides analytics platform.
Workshop Title: Three No-code Methods for Sentiment Analysis with KNIME

Want to know what your customers and contacts are really thinking? Find out by building your own sentiment analysis application with KNIME Analytics Platform. In this workshop you will build a sentiment analysis application, step by step, using KNIME Analytics Platform. After an introduction to the most common techniques used for sentiment analysis and text mining, we will work in three groups, each one focusing on a different technique:

  • Machine Learning: This group will use other machine learning techniques, based on native KNIME nodes.
  • Lexicon Based: This group will focus on a lexicon based approach for sentiment analysis.
  • Deep Learning: This group will work with the visual Keras deep learning integration available in KNIME (completely code free).

Bring laptop. No prior ML and programming knowledge is necessary.

Your own laptop preinstalled with KNIME Analytics Platform, which you can download for free at https://www.knime.com/downloads.

The KNIME Textprocessing extension, available at https://hub.knime.com/knime/extensions/org.knime.features.ext.textprocessing/latest. You can drag and drop the extension directly into the Analytics Platform to install.

To get familiar with KNIME Analytics Platform, you can explore the content of our E-learning courses at https://www.knime.com/knime-courses.


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